Demon Slayer Japanese Candy toys

Demon Slayer Japanese Candy toys

Demon Slayer is very popular in Japanese anime. And some kind of candy toys are always sold all over Japan. “Kocho Shinobu”, “Rengoku Kyojuro” and “Kamado Nezuko” are very popular. And “Agatsuma Zento” is also very popular.
Most candy toys will be on sale for a limited time. Fans are dying to collect stickers and cards, as differently designed versions are released many times. Many people buy them all at once.

How can you get Demon slayer candy toys from Japan?

First, please register for forwarding service.

Then click the button below to shop at a mail-order shopping center in Japan.

Demon Slayer Wafers

Demon Slayer Cewing gums

Demon Slayer Chocokate and Cookies

Demon Slayer Chewable Candy

Demon Slayerカテゴリの最新記事

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