Demon Slayer Snacks in Japan

Demon Slayer Snacks in Japan

Lots of collaborations! Demon Slayer Limited Package Snacks

You can buy a lot of snacks with animated characters in Japan. There are many sweets on sale at Demon Slayer, so be sure to check it out. The snacks and candies featured on this page do not come with prizes or freebees. But the packaging is unique and the snack taste is great.

How can you get Demon slayer Snacks from Japan?

First, please register for forwarding service.

Then click the button below to shop at a mail-order shopping center in Japan.

When you shop, please enter the address of the overseas forwarding service in the address field.


Demon Slayer putit 

There are 24 types of crackers and cookies. The package is the character of “Demon Slayer”. The character package is for a limited time. Regular packaged snacks are sold all year round.


Amazon and Rakuten are convenient because you can buy all types of snacks and buy in bulk. If you press the amazon button, all types will come out. However, since it is for a limited time, be careful not to sell it out.

CRUNKY  Chocolate

Cranky chocolate limited-time package. There are 24 different designs. If you order, you cannot know in advance which character’s chocolate will come!

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